Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sick n' stiff!

This weekend I was one sick kid. I came down with a cold sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning and I pretty much suffered the side effects of the cold until Monday morning (so much for the 4 day long weekend I have been dreaming about for months).

The cold was one thing, but out of the cold came some severe stiffness in the neck area... much to the point that I cannot look left or right without a look of horror coming across my face - sheer pain.

Now... Sunday and Monday I thought this pain would pass, but this is not the case at all... I am still whining like a two year-old over this.

It amazes me just how much a stiff neck can really hinder a person's day to day activities. Take for instance driving... a fairly easy task for me, but throw in a stiff neck and suddenly I become beyond dangerous as I can only look straight ahead at the intersection, not left or right. I am pretty sure the horns I heard honking on my way to work this morning, weren't only for the Quebeckers on the road!

Showering, blow drying my hair, getting dressed, these were all tasks completed with tears in my eyes. These are the days I really wish I had my own personal stylist and make-up artist... things would have been much easier.

Making supper last night was no walk in the park either. I had made a cheese n' garlic tomato/hamburger/macaroni casserole (mmm mmm) - preparing it was fine, but putting it in and out of the oven three or four times just about did me in. The pain of having the hot air burn your face when the oven door opens, yet you can't lean in and out fast enough because your neck won't allow you too - GOOD TIMES my friends, good times!

The good news in all of this is that I've made an appointment with the massage therapist in hopes she can come to my rescue but I can't get until tomorrow evening, so for the rest of the day and tomorrow, I will have to live with my stiff neck... perhaps numbing the pain with a stiff drink!