Sunday, April 01, 2007

Short Weekend Recap

This will be short as I am tired... but I am slowly recovering from a looooooooooooooooong, yet entertaining weekend.

PC and I curled in a fun mixed spiel this weekend... and of course, it was a great time. As many of you may know PC is not a curler (although I must say his shot making was pretty impressive this weekend), however seeing as this spiel was sponsored by Mr. Keith, as in Alexander Keith... it didn't take much persuasion on my part to get him interested. To make a long story short, there was free beer Friday evening (all evening long), and by the end of the night PC had become a real estate agent, ripped a good pair of jeans, cut his leg wide open, and bruised his hand. Needless to say he doesn't remember a thing, and the details are little sketchy for me as well, but we concluded our conversation late last night by saying we had a good weekend, and we are leaving it at that (even thought I believe it would have been cheaper to buy all of our beer that night than to replace PC's wardrobe and pay the medical bills the next day)!

This morning, we bolted up at what we thought was 9:00 AM to get ready to take Grandma Coleman out for brunch for her birthday. However... our satellite alarm clock radio had a mind of its own, and although Daylight Savings Time kicked in three weeks ago, our clock decided to spring itself ahead another hour last night, making it 8:00 AM instead of 9:00 AM, losing another hour of sleep in my lifespan (I believe the DST patch was never applied to our clock!). PC made a few phone calls at 9:00 AM wondering why some people were annoyed... only to discover it was really 8:00 AM. Oooooooooooooops! It was a great start to the day as you can imagine (and it was a coincidence that it was APRIL FOOLS today... right?), however, at least we were ahead of schedule for once in our lives!

In other news, I just spent an hour on the couch watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition and sobbing on and off over the story of a family I don't even know. I now have a headache and I am exhausted beyond the point of repair. These reality shows don't usually get to me, but the Extreme Home Makeover one takes reality to a whole new level. You just feel so helpless for these parents and their children, but its so great that Ty and the gang at ABC can really change their lives. I love it and hate it all in the same breathe.

Its pouring rain outside right now, and its fitting for my mood - time to call it a weekend.

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