Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lazy Catholic

I am pretty sure the label 'lazy catholic' applies directly to me. I was raised in a catholic family, and was accompanied to church every Sunday for 18 years by my father. However, in my recent freedom years, the catholic church has become less of a constant in my life, hence the reason, I believe I fall into the category 'lazy catholic'.

This morning on Hot 89.9 they reported on story about a web site that had been shut down by the web authorities for offering an online confessional for catholics who couldn't be bothered to go to church, for the so-called lazy catholics of the world.

Geeez, just when the Internet & religion were really starting to get somewhere, they go and x-nay a perfectly useful web site.

Apparantly, according to this article, the web site welcomed visitors with the words:
Welcome to the virtual confessional.

It continued:
Now write down your sins against the Lord God.
(type in sins)

Do you regret your sins? select yes/no
Do you intend to correct them? select yes/no

Now click on next.

We are connecting you with the Lord God, please wait...
Your sins are being transferred, please wait...

Congratulations, your sins have been forgiven.

Seriously, what's so wrong with that? It might actually be theraputic for some like myself. I could enter: I purposely ate the last mini babybel before my husband could. With the click of a button, it would be forgiven. I would leave the computer feeling like I am not such a bad person after all.

Now... I could see the potential for problems if someone entered: I slept with my son's kindergarden teacher and I am now 3 months pregnant but haven't told my husband yet.

Okay... so maybe that's not something totally forgivable via a virtual confession room, but I think the creator (no pun intended) was onto something for us so-called lazy catholics.

However, since the site has been shut-down, I will have to continue living with myself and my babybel sins until I can get to confession in person.

Let's see God... do you have an opening on Christmas eve?

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