Thursday, March 29, 2007

I have a personal driver.

Today was a big day... somehow going to and from an interdepartmental meeting, I gained my own personal driver, David.

On the way across town, the cabbie smelt like b.o. and I recall remembering why I hate taking cabs in the daytime (as when I hammered in the evenings I don't remember how bad they smell). There was little conversation on the way to the meeting because all I could do was take in the scent of my vanilla latte to avoid puking on the spot.

The meeting lasted about an hour and a half and when I came out of the building I was thinking of walking but since there was a taxi stand right in front of me, I grabbed the first one available.

Boy, was I in luck, this cab didn't smell like b.o. and the car was pretty darn clean. My cabbie was joey-talkative and when I said he could drop me at the Rideau Centre (since its a stone's throw away from my office) he joked about offering to take me on an all day shopping spree around the city. He said I could ride with him all day... and I said it could only happen if he was willing to pay for all my purchases.

We chatted back and forth making small jokes about how nice it would be to shop for a living, yida yida yida. When he asked what government department was located in the Rideau Centre, I politely told him I was located on Sussex at the Connaught Building, to which he said 'oh CRA'... and proceed to ask me if I knew a guy who also worked in the building. I did in fact know the man he spoke of and so cabbie informed me he was this man's personal driver.

I thought to myself: personal driver? What kind of person do you need to be to have a personal driver?

Apparently... he takes a wide selection of people, because once I said I knew the man he knew from CRA, he warmed up to me even more, and the next thing I know... he was offering me a spot on his VIP client list.

He gave me his card which said TAXI in huge letters and then DAVID underneath and he told me in a bit of thick accent 'When you need a ride, you call David, the number on the card - I come get you - nadda problem!'

Your right David, its nadda problem, you can be my personal driver any day, nadda problem.