Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

It was a full weekend of activites... and good news for the readers, I brought my camera along to each event, so instead of coming up with a long drawn out post describing each event, I can just post the photos - and be off to bed in no time! So... here we go!

My lovely colleague/friend Sonia, hosted a group of ladies and their significant (or in my case) not-so signifcant others at her and her husband's place for drinks and dinner. PC of course had hockey.... so he was unable to make it (my back-up husband was out of town, and my back-up's back-up was also unavailable -- kidding!), so I was flying solo.
It was a fantastic night, four years ago, I don't think I would have had dinner with any one of my colleagues outside of work, but it just goes to show you the friendships that have been made over the years, and the depth of hiring in the Public Affairs Branch at CRA. Needless to say, everyone had a great time, Sonia (and Tony) did a great job on dinner... I think we all left her place saying 'geez, we should do that way more often' - so hopefully we will as it was A LOT of fun.

L to R: Lisa, Rebecca (up top), Sonia, Jae, Me, Dal (prego).


My old roomies from 130-O rolled into town this weekend to celebrate a few events: KL's 27th b-day, Erin & Barry's engagement, and Clapper & Drew's almost final sale on a house! Since it was St. Patty's day, it was just like us to go all out with the shirts, the accesories, and the bad bad drinking games. These weekends are usually few and far between, because afterwards, I think a 4-month recovery period is necessary.

We started drinking mid-afternoon, and by 7:30 or 8, I think the girls and I were definitely feeling the affects of the alcohol. After numerous rounds of a game we call 'Canada Cup', we headed out to the bar, and the boys joined us after being at the Sens game. We manage to rip up the dance floor a few times, hit up Elgin Street Diner for some poutine and chocolate milk (don't ask), and by 1:30 am we had dragged ourselves back to Clapper's apartment and called it a night.

L to R: Me, Air, Clapper, Bee, Baby, KL


I was hungover, but rarin' to go to a baby shower!!! Dalerie (not Valerie), with whom I have worked with for a little over three years, is having a baby at the end of May, and today was her day. The girls from work and I headed out to Orléan's and watched the expecting Mommy get A LOT of baby gifts. She already knows she's having a girl, so she got lots of really cute little girl outfits and just CUTE baby stuff in general. I personally enjoyed the food, since I knew I would be too tired to cook dinner. Overall, it was a fun, filling, fantastic afternoon!!!

That was basically the weekend.... as I said it was very busy, and I am very tired... not looking forward to Monday as I know I will be dragging my ass the entire day, but... this is the life of a workin' girl (being back to reality is soooo hard)!!

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