Monday, March 26, 2007

It's a whole new world.

This weekend my brother-in-law hooked us up with a Bell dish, and a PVR (for the dinosaurs that's a Personal Video Recorder). The PVR is a whole new world for me. Last year at this time when we got our HD TV, PC wanted to get the Roger's PVR, and I threw down my wife power and said we did not need a PVR, the HD TV was enough at that point.

I think it was mostly the price of renting a PVR every month that had me up in arms over the whole thing.... but had PC actually brought it home and had me try it, I think I could have been convinced that it was necessary to have one! Nevertheless, 13 months later, here we are with a PVR, and I AM LOVING IT.

Take for instances that fact that I love the show The Hills on MTV but it also comes on at the same time as What About Brian on Monday nights. I usually watch What About Brian, and then try to catch The Hills on a repeat airing on Saturday or Sunday. Lately I've been away on the weekends, so I've missed a few episodes... but now with the PVR, I don't have to miss another show. You press one button and it automatically records the show every time its on. Then, (and this is by far the best part)... you come home turn on the TV, press another button and you can fast forward through all the commercials. It's the best invention since sliced bread... REALLY!

Saturday night I wanted to watch SNL because Carrie Underwood was performing, but I was too tired to stay up past midnight... so I just hit PVR, and when I woke up the next morning, I fast forwarded to the end and saw both her performances... it was pure satisfaction let me tell you!

I think its going to come in handy on Thursday nights too when PC is reffing, and I am curling. Usually, I want to watch Grey's, ER and he wants CSI, Shark, etc. - now we can PVR all of the shows and watch them whenever we want, without having to argue about whether one of us taped the other person's shows.

It's great... and what's even better is that I can automatically ask it to tape Y&R and General Hospital for me EVERYDAY. I don't exactly know how I will fit all of this extra tv-time into my life... I might have to sacrifice cooking and cleaning until I adjust to the new found technology, but hey, its definitely worth it!

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