Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Queen of the Typo

So its no secret that I am not exactly the best at editing. I know how to draft up a post but the editing and re-reading phases aren't something I do on a regular basis, nor are things I really enjoy doing. I am very good at the drafting part, but I usually just hit PUBLISH, and don't think twice about what I have written.

However, the other day a colleague of mine (who shall remain nameless, but can be found over at PopWatch Canada) labelled me QUEEN OF THE TYPO due to a few glaring writing errors that I made under her nose, and now I have a complex over the whole issue.

I am super paranoid that she is not the only one who thinks this... and to be honest, I have known that I have a tendency to type so fast that I forget entire words in key phrases. In my head I have typed exactly what I have wanted to write, but on the screen, only half of what I say is actually made visible.

It's a haunting trait to carry around, day in and day out. You never know when the next attack of the typo is going to strike, or who is going to be the one to call you on it. At this point, I have to wonder how many of my peeps on email recognize my typo frequency but just skip over it thinking 'oh... I didn't understand that... probably just another typo from Sara'.

Now that I have actually been called on it, I am frantically re-reading everything I type hoping to minimize the errors and at least regain some competency as a communications advisor. You would think in my line of work I would be meticulous about typos... but apparently editing my own work is just not one of my strong points.

Usually in communications we try to be clear and concise in our messaging... but I am famous typing 'can' when I mean 'can't', or 'do' when I mean 'don't', or most commonly, omitting the word 'not' entirely. Take for instances the following phrases and imagine the implications to my life when I've communicated a perfectly coherent response, stating the exact opposite of what I mean:

I have extensive experience in communication plan writing and can't write communication products.


I don't appreciate your inquiry. Thank you for thinking of me.


I would be interested in walking your dog and picking up his poop every morning.

This new label I have been given is not something I take lightly ... I think after every email I send, I have an inner-panic wondering exactly what I have typed and how the recipient of the email is going to respond.

Then there is the whole of other issue of calling myself on the typo. When I see a typo on my part, should I re-email the person and say 'what I really meant to type was can't instead of can', etc. or do I just leave it alone, let the other person think I am idiot... and move on with my day.

Can you see the stress involved in having the label: Queen of the Typo. I think I would rather be the Queen of Bad Breath or the Queen of Smelly Feet... at least I could remedy the situation with a breath mint or some foot cream, but with Queen of the Typo... there is no quick remedy, unless anyone wants to be my personal editor?

Help! How can I dispose of this label... and quickly?