Thursday, March 15, 2007

Strike Two Timmy's!

Its no secret that I am little bitter towards Tim Horton's lately as I have been repeatedly denied a winning roll-up the rim to win (RUTRTW) cup. To make matters worse, one of my beautiful collegues comes strolling by my office yesterday to annouce she's not only has a winning cup, but she's infact won an ipod.

GIVE IT UP. I can't win won freakin' coffee, but she gets an ipod! How is this fair?

As happy as I was for her, my anger with Tim's has grown again today, due to this morning's latest incident.

I went Tim's determine to play RUTRTW with my large coffee, but hunger struck me in line and I ordered a bagel along with my coffee. I asked for a bagel toasted with butter and cheddar cheese (highly recommended), but something went wrong with the order.

After waiting around for 10 minutes while buddy slices the bagel, talks to his friends, stirs the chilli, etc., I finally get my order and head back to the office. Upon arrival, I tear into the bagel only to find its a warm bagel soaked with butter, cheese not melted.


I am not sure what was misunderstood about my order, but I did say TOASTED, not WARMED - how can anyone confuse the two? Was I slurring speech? Did I talk in a low-voice? You start to question yourself, but clearly after replaying the scene in my head, I said loud and proud I wanted the bagel T-O-A-S-T-E-D (like it was an order at Starbucks).

Can you say: furious... ?I took two bites and tossed everything in the garbage in digust.

How hard can it be to toast a bagel? Tim's is all about turning the heat down on their toasters so the bagel moves through the production line faster, but HELLO, your gaining speed at the expense of customer satisfaction.

I think in general I am a little ticked off at my whole morning routine lately, because I now park even closer to my destination than in the past, making it very 'out of my way' to get a coffee in the morning.

When I was on French... I could always justify getting a coffee even if I was late, as I had to pass by not one, but two Tim Horton's. Now... if I want a Timmy's, I have to risk being late and walking over to the mall to get one, as going upstairs just to show upper management I am 'on time', is way too much work for me.

The other thing is that at my old Tim's I had my own peeps... I would come in, and buddy would see me, get my coffee for me AND look for a signal on the bagel. Everytime I took a bagel, it was not just toasted, but well-toasted to perfection. Now I am back going to the Rideau Centre where I have no connections, and they WARM my bagel, not toast it.

I am completely an utterly disappointed in Tim's... tomorrow will be Starbucks day for sure. I am seriously thinking of cutting back on the Tim's to only 2 days a week (I know - you are all in shock, as I am, I didn't think it would come to this). If they can't be trusted to toast my bagel, who knows what they are doing to my coffee - they probably see me in line, and stragically give me the non-winning RUTRTW cup.

I'll teach them... loyal customer # 543781 is reducing her loyality hours... we'll see how they like that!

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