Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tis' the season... the paid holiday season.

It's a short week, which means that technically tomorrow is Friday... so I believe this calls for a big ol' YAHOO, a little two-steppin' happy dance, and why not throw in a shot of tequilla for good measure!

I love Easter, not because of the chocolate, but rather.... the 4 day work week TWO weeks in a row. Friday is a holiday, and the government deems Monday as a holiday too. I have no idea why this is... but I am not about to question it.

I love what Easter symbolizes... there is the whole religious thing but more importantly the start of long weekends. Easter is just the tip of the iceberg... up next is May 2-4, then Canada Day in July, the Civic holiday in August, Labour Day in September, Thanksgiving in October, Remembrance Day in November, and then Christmas & New Year's to round out the year.

Its almost the same feeling as hitting the jackpot in my world. The fact that you are given free time, a few days away from the office, away from the hoopla to do what. ever. you. want.

I couldn't be more excited about the long weekends and holidays to come - not to mention the two or three weeks of vacation that I will be taking at some point between all of those other mandatory holidays.

I love life... no let me rephrase... I love holidays!

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