Friday, February 09, 2007

DAMN I look good!

While sitting in traffic in downtown Ottawa this morning, I was stuck beside a tall mirrored office building for about 5 minutes. During this 5 minutes there must have been 25 to 30 women who were walking (practically running) to work in the frigid temperatures.

Now... I really wouldn't have had much to comment on today, except that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN who walked quickly by the mirrored building hesitated in order to give themselves a glance (or two, or three) in the mirror.

Some women went to the extent to look at themselves the entire length of the building, almost bumping into other pedestrians (men) on the street while having that 'DAMN, I look good' expression on their face. I had to laugh... as these women were so obsessed with what they looked like that didn't seem to notice that they walked half a block not paying attention to anyone but themselves. Some of them were tilting their heads a different way when the saw their reflection, others adjusting their clothes, and accessories.... down right hilarious if you ask me.

At first, when analysing this fact, it seemed to me to be a character flaw that most women (and some men) have... but upon further reflection, I now tend to think its human nature, solely because of the fact that after getting out my car, I caught myself checking ME out in my own car door window.

Why on earth must we check ourselves out in every mirror or every object that shows our reflection?

I mean, I don't think I am a girl that stands in the mirror for hours on end every morning worrying about what I look like. Yes... I like to be presentable, but when preparing to go to French everyday of the week, its usually just a quick shower, blow-dry, throw on some clothes in order to get out the door at a decent time.

However... whether I am dressed up for the Emmy's or simply hung-over in some sweats, I am pretty sure I would notice my own reflection in a window, on the side of a car, or even threw another person's sunglasses.

I hate that society deems that we be self-absorbed in this respect. And I also hate that women take it one step further, and become some-what obsessed with their appearance. Even if its sweats and a tee... we all want to look a bit sexy/attractive, while still being functional... and this means always checking out our reflection to ensure that we still look our best, despite the circumstances!

I guess there is nothing wrong with wanting to assure ourselves that we have 'the look'... but it still bothers me that I can't walk by any reflective object without sneaking a glance at myself.

Maybe I am alone on this one, I don't know... but I seem to think other woman are worse then I am on this issue.... are you?

What the heck can be done to change this... if anything?

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