Thursday, February 01, 2007


A little bit of stormy weather this morning had me cursing a few drivers on the 417... as they were too lazy to clean off their cars before getting on the road today, which made for slow lane changes, unnecessary stopping, and frankly poor driving judgement.

I don't understand why citizens of the National Capital Region (although I presume its a problem everywhere), can't take an extra 3 minutes to properly clean the snow off their car before leaving their driveway. I mean seriously... I don't think its too much to ask of someone... is it?

We are all aware of the slow downs snow can cause, but people seem to take the approach of: 'why clean off my car when its just going to easily blow-off when I hit 100km on the highway'.

Right... you are, the half ice-half snow on the top of your car will eventually blow-off... RIGHT ONTO MY DAMN WINDSHIELD.

This moring while coming into Ottawa, a little Mazada 3 came tearing onto the 417 from the Innes exit... the car completely was covered in snow... only the area where the windshield wipers could reach had clear visibility. Mr. Mazada slammed on his breaks when he realized traffic was slow moving, proceeded to come to a complete stop, making everyone else behind him hit their breaks, as he rolled down his window to see where and when he could merged his way into on stop n' go traffic. Gotta love a guy, who thinks the world doesn't mind halting just for him.

It seems to be an ongoing trend in this city to just hop in your car and go, without worrying about the consequences... and I'm am not sure why we have become so self-absorbed to fact that other people won't mind if I almost kill them because I didn't have time to clean off my car.

Grrrr... wake up people... clean off your damn car, and start making the world a safer place to drive... for everyone!