Wednesday, January 31, 2007

J'ai reussi... Niveau C!

Finally... some good news in the French department.

Two weeks ago from yesterday, I wrote my comprehension exam ... and have since been patiently waiting for the results.

This morning, when I arrived at school early (that's right, I said EARLY... toot toot!), I was greeted with the good news, I obtained my level C in comprehension!

Words can not express what a relief this is... I only have my oral interaction left to do, and my preparation for the interview is coming along nicely. I am hoping to be finished in April... so I am in offically in 'the home stretch'.

Anyways... I just wanted to share the good news, with my faithful readers who have had to listen to all my trials and tribulations over the past year. Hopefully I will have more good news to share in a few months!