Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Expelled at the age of 10... from UNIVERSITY!

This world never ceases to amaze me! Today I came across the Ottawa Sun story on two twin boys, aged 10, who were expelled from Ottawa U after being issued student cards, and invoiced for their tuition.

Now, I have deep admiration for the institute who gave me my degree in communications, but to be honest, in this situation, I don't necessary agree with the course action the U of O has taken.

Its a bit bizarre to think that two 10 year olds would want to be part of a course called 'Activism'... but in today's Sun, the one boy claims, 'I wanted to enter this course because I want to make a lot of decisions ... and I get to express my opinions a lot more in this class'.

Okay... so I will admit that University courses do allow for more opinion seeking participation, but still the twins are TEN - T. E. N.! I am torn on which way to lean on this story. I don't necessarily think that 10 year-olds should be participating in University classses, they should be be enjoying their childhood... there will be enough time for learning down the road, but on the other hand, the University issued them student cards, permitting them to enroll in the course... which makes this entire story confusing.

What the University didn't expect was the mother to go to bat for her children after the explusion... hence the attraction of the media now.

I like the thoughts of the young genius story-line... in 15 years time, journalists will be reporting... Sebastien XYZ, creator of such-n-such, who at the age of 10 attended the University of Ottawa... yida yida yida! I can see it now!

Oh, Ottawa U, you have gotten yourself into quite the dilemma. What do you think is the proper course of action... ? Should the twins be allowed to have credit for the course, after all they did complete the final exam, even after being expelled? Or are you simply wondering, what in the heck are the parents thinking...?

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