Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back in the day

A former school mate (Kandice Ardiel), was kind enough to post two pages out of the 1984 Thessalon Public School yearbook on the famous Facebook network.

I died laughing the first time I saw these photos, and I am still laughing now!

Can you pick me out in the following photo?

That's me... first row, third photo in, right beside the teachers! And if I recall correctly, that was the school photo that my Mom made me promise to take my sweater off before I got my picture taken... and when I came home from school that day, she asked me if I had done so, and I replied 'YES MOM', but as the evidence shows I must have forgot, as the sweater is clearly still on me in the photo above (at the age of 4, you don't think the little lies you tell will come back to haunt you... thank god I have gotten better at covering my tracks in my old age)!

Ahhh.... the good ol' days!