Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pampered Chef... GENIUS idea!

Yesterday, I hosted a little Pampered Chef party for a few friends and I. It went pretty well... didn't absorb too much of anyone's time and it I got to see a lot of people that I haven't chatted with in a while, so from my point of view, things went well!

I have to say though, that whoever founded the whole Pampered Chef organization, really had a good idea on her hands (and you know it was a woman's idea if it was this good). Pampered Chef is all about getting a some women together in small bunches to discuss a common topic (kitchen gadgets), surrounded by a bit of food and drink, while at the same time learning a few things. These parties are social, somewhat engaging, and in the end everyone leaves with a few extra tips for the kitchen, and most of the time, some new products and recipes.

I mean... I know this innovation isn't rocket science... well okay... perhaps some of the products are border-line rocket-science... but the part that interests me the most is the implementation side to selling this stuff... the whole marketing of these products. Whoever put together the communications plan to get these products on the market should have definitely been paid a lot of money... because the plan is making Pampered Chef millions right now.

Its like an infomercial in your home... when you actually see the infomercial live you are more likely to think you actually need the products then the b.s. sales pitch that comes from the television 'and that's now all folks... if you call right now, you will receive... yida yida yida.

I find, when woman are with their friends, making a sales pitch is easier for the person selling. The saleswoman can say, this product is great for X,Y, and Z, but its the friends who reinforce what the salesperson is saying, driving home the final stage of marketing: THE SALE. Friends make marketing easy... and someone at Pampered Chef definitely knew this!

The great thing about Pampered Chef is that it just spirals... from the party I hosted, other people will probably decide to host their own party, and from those parties, more bookings will continue. Its something that circulates via word of mouth and continues to grow with every party.

Its GENIUS... down right GENIUS, and I love it!

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