Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Sleeping Dog

Oh, sweet Canadian government, how I love to hate you.

While I generally love my employer of choice, there are times when I hear things in the media that make me want to scream.

Take for instances a news piece I heard earlier this week about how the government is encouraging Canadians who are nearing retirment to work longer, in order to avoid a shortage of personnel in the workplace.

Excuse me if for some reason the potential of a workplace shortage in the coming years is actually a news-worthy item.

It seems to me that this shortage of employees could have been foreseen since say... ohhhh, the 1950s? It annoys me to no end to think that the government is treating this shortage of personnel as a CRISIS situation, when in fact we have known since the baby-boom years that there has been the potential for this to occur.

The government has played the role of sleeping dog for years on this issue, and now they are slowing waking up to the fact that valuable employees with years of experience and expertise are walking out the door, and no one has thought of creating a knowledge transfer plan to help utilise these sacred resources.

In typical government fashion, we are waiting until there is 10 seconds left on the bomb, to try to figure out whether or not to cut black or red.... its ridiculous.

I think this little plea for help from the government goes hand in hand with their recent decision to allow citizens over the age of 65 to continue working 'if they wish to' - it seems more like they are encourgaging it but spinning to it to sound like its a personal 'choice' for each individual (got love those folks in government communications!).

To all the near-retirees out there, I say... take your pension and run, if Stephen Harper and the conservatives are just now hatching a plan to deal with this shortage problem, its not your fault... and you definitely do not need to be working well into your 70s just to help Mr. Harper get through his little crisis period.

I would also like to believe that the young pups of today are smart enough to fill the vacant voids in the workplace... and who knows... maybe this would even be an opportunity for the government to ... (dare I say it), discover news ways of doing things... or heck, even get a little creative?

(Is it just me or I am sounding like bitter public servant who has been stuck on language training for 12 months?)

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