Monday, December 18, 2006

A world of followers!

So here we are... a week before Christmas, 7 entire days before the big event.

Its one week until we all gather together with our families, rip open some presents, and then sit around eating and drinking for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

I tend to have a problem with the speed at which Christmas comes and goes.

We, as citizens of this planet, spend weeks and weeks preparing for this grand occasion... we shop our little hearts out, some of us bake, some us prepare fancy meals and drinks, we wrap gifts, throw up a tree, decorate it, put some lights up outside... and even go as far to hang stockings over the fire place.

We prepare all of this for 1 hour (at best) of gift ripping chaos -- you would think prepartion of this magnitude would be worth more then an hour of so-called pleasure?

I mean seriously... if I was planning a vacation, I would take weeks to prepare for the vacation... finding the right flight, hotels, restaurants, buying the necessities for the trip, packing, etc... I wouldn't do all of this work for 1 hour of vacation, would I? No... I would take at least a week, if not more.. so this begs the question:

Why do we spend some much time preparing for this occasion... ?

I think the world forgets to remember the religious aspect of Christmas... from the eyes of the church, the preparation is much needed (after all, I don't think the lord baby Jesus was created in an hour... at least I hope not), but for the rest of the non-religious world, we go to great lengths to prepare for such a short celebration.

I tend to believe that the world is filled with followers... somewhere back in history... someone decided that celebrating the birth of Christ was necessary (no argument there), then someone followed with the idea that by celebrating we must invite people to the party, and those people who come must bring gifts. Then someone else said, 'why don't we have a meal too' and others followed along by agreeing to all of this.

Then years laters, more and more people followed the lead of that first person who said we needed a celebration (forgeting about the birth of Christ all together) ... AND... thus we have arrived at TODAY where the followers of this world have made Christmas such a huge deal, that anyone who chooses not to follow is considered not normal.

There you have it folks... a world of followers, thats the reason Christmas has become so out of control! What do you think... have I got something here?