Monday, December 04, 2006

The French in me has taken over!

It's official... the French have had their way with me.

Short of having the tacky blow up lawn ornaments all over our yard, I am convienced that this damn French training has taken over the all the witty, rational, and intelligent anglais in me.

First our exterior Christmas lights were on before the 1st of December, and as of yesterday at 5 pm, mon arbre de Noël is up, lit, and well decorated.

I couldn't help myself yesterday, with the snow falling... I took one look at the Christmas tree box on the living room floor, and ripped it open with franglais pride.

PC decided to head to the wood show with Scottie Don't and Dad C... and I was left in the comfort of my own home to do nothing - but for once I was actually productive!

I am officially decorated for Christmas, now all I need to do is buy the 89 gifts to throw under the tree, and I can sit, back, relax, and start eating the holidays away!

Here are a few pics of my efforts... and some of the outside of our house as well... enjoy!

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