Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Christmas Card

Really... these are the times you want to murder the creator of Hallmark. Why must there be a card for everyone damn occasion, and why must I be guilted into these activities by commericals that end with: when you care enough to send the very best.

NEWSFLASH: I don't care. Actually, let me retract that statement, I do CARE... and I want to care enough to send the very best... but. well. ummmm. ALRIGHT - I have no valid excuse.

Originally, I wanted to send cards that had a picture of our Christmas tree on it, and although the concept was good, it just never materialized... when I put it all together, I thought the card looked stupid (if I am going to go with a picture card I needed a cute kid, and when I realized I didn't have one of those handy, and couldn't get my own in the next 2 weeks... well, the concept was turfed).

Once my original idea flopped, I decided that I wasn't going to send out cards at all.

I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I haven't fully recoverd from sending out the wedding Thank You's a year ago. By the time you hand write a message to everyone who sent a gift... (155 cards later) you just about want to shoot yourself, literally (and I still firmly believe that Thank You notes are the glue that holds a marriage together, they tell a bride: THIS IS WHY YOU ONLY DO THIS ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!).

However, last evening we received our very first Christmas card... from the Robertson's (Gary & Enid) and in the card was this clever, hand-typed, one-page letter with the update on their family, including pictures.

I thought to myself after reading it, what a nice idea... how thoughtful. The letter was in a sense a lot of bragging about the kid's and their successes, but it was nonetheless, informative, and well put together!

After reading the card/letter, I decided ... it's back on... CHRISTMAS CARDS for EVERYONE!

But moments later, after I whipped out my address list, which essentially is the address list from the wedding, I realized that we really can't afford to send out 210 Christmas cards. So here's the question... where and with whom do you draw the line at sending Christmas cards? Should I start the receive one send one policy... or should I only stick to close family and friends, or just family?

I have no idea.

Now I have myself soooo worked up, that I can't decide what is the best approach, and it basically has me back at square one... thinking I should just forget about sending Christmas cards to anyone.... because its EASIER.

(AND... to top things off... now that I've mentioned it on here, all my faithful readers will be expecting a card! Perfect... juuuuuuuuuust perfect!)

What's your take on Christmas cards?
Am I a bad person for not sending any?
How many Christmas cards do you send a year?

I need to come up with a plan and quickly... time is of the essence here, because according to Canada Post, if I want my cards to arrive on time, I have to have them in the mail by no later than December 18th... that means, only 10 days to buy the cards, write in them, address them, and bring them to the mail. If I miss that date, they probably won't get to my receipients until the middle of January, and from here on in, I will be known at the girl who sends out the late cards..... ooooh the pressure!

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