Monday, December 11, 2006

It's great being a WIFE!

Now this is the time of the year, that every wife says to herself 'it's great being a WIFE'.

I know many of you are probably thinking, yeah right... but well I was browsing some news articles on the web yesterday, and happen to come across two very interesting quick facts about Christmas shopping:

Canadian men spend an average of $216 on gifts for their spouse.
Canadian women spend about $158 on their spouse.

Gotta love those stats if your a WIFE. Your entitled to $58 more in gifts per Christmas.

You don't have to ponder very long to wonder why the numbers are seperated by the margin they are... but let's:

Is it because husbands love their wives more then wives love their husbands?
Is it because wives deserve more then husbands?
Or is it the simple fact that wives are pre-planning-purchasers when it comes to gift giving and husbands are last minute fools?

I think I will go with the latter.

Wives think in advance of what they will get their husbands... on the weekends they research, they shop around, they compare prices.... while men spend all of November watching NFL Football .... and when December rolls around, they have no clue what to get their wives, because while the wives were carefully dropping hints as to the gifts they would like to receive back in November... the husbands were on the couch, completely tuned out watching the game, but nodding as if they got the hints.

So... when December 20th finally arrives (and for some I know that is early) ... husbands across Canada ban together and hit the stores, buying luxurious, over priced gifts for their wives. Hence, the $58 seperation.

Really, in the grand scheme of things... who cares... if you're a wife these days you are making out pretty darn good, so let's not dwell on the logistics I guess. The best thing to do now is... start thinking of a gift that costs in the neighbourhood of $216 (that being the average which means its more like $250 for at least 35% of the population) ... and stop being subtle.... find a picture, draw a map of the store... and leave it next to the TV remote!!!

Good luck wives... !!!

Editor's note: I should confess that this post doesn't in anyway apply to PC. He's actually the exact opposite of the typical male shopper... he shops all year long (like his mother), and is rarely at a loss for ideas.... (thanks to my subtle hint dropping)... and being PC, he always finds a good deal... so even if he spends $216... he gets a lot for his $216... but the part about being tuned out on couch during the NFL games... COMPLETELY TRUE!).

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