Thursday, December 14, 2006

Driving Karma... ?

While driving home from Ottawa the other day... I was listening Global on the radio and a story about a study that claims your astrological sign and driving habits have a connection.

This study of 100,000 drivers based its findings on the North American driving statistics complied by an online insurance quoting service. The statistics show that your astrological sign determines whether or not you are prone to being invovled in driving accidents and/or receiving tickets.

Luckily for me, the Capricorns of the universe were not ranked the worst (although in some cases close to the worst)... meaning that I do have some driving abilities, but apparently not as many as say... Cancer, who was ranked much higher than the Caps, and just happens to be the astrological sign of PC (let's hope this little study doesn't find its way into his hands... or it will be a 'see Sars, I told you so' type conversation!).

However, the findings of this study become a little hard to believe for me when it claims that those who are most prone to getting traffic tickets are Pisces (Feb. 19 to Mar. 20)... which is my Dad's sign.

The man who is the most cautious driver alive. The man who has never committed a major traffic infraction in his life... (except the odd rolling stop on Algoma street when he's late for church on a Sunday morning). The man who prides himself in driving 100 km/h and only 100 km/h on all major highways of this country.

(Mind you... there was that one time he got pulled over by the cops... because he passed a crusier on the 4-lanes doing 98 km/h in a 90 when the cop was trying to reduce the speed of traffic during the Christmas season to set an example... but once the cop recognized him from the curling rink... he let him off... however, I digress... the point being, the man is a good driver!).

Nevertheless, the study does hold some truth when its states that Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) have the greatest risk of getting in a traffic accident. Libra is the sign of my Mom - that would be the woman who does not have her license and probably never will... this being a good thing, because according to the study, she would be a liability to every driver on the road when she gets behind the wheel (I have to wonder if she subconsciously knew this, and that is the reason why she never wanted to learn how to drive). So Mom... for all of the drivers of this country I would like to say: THANK YOU!

I found all the findings to be interesting... click here to read the story with all of the astrological signs ranked from best to worst. Where do you rank...? What do you think... does the study hold some truth, or could I still be a better driver then PC afterall?

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