Tuesday, December 12, 2006

1 for you, 1 for me!

Today while shopping for some Christmas gifts, I notice a bit of a trend .... the trend being that at every store I shopped at, I bought one gift for the person on my list, and one gift for ME.

This is the problem with Christmas shopping. Lately, since being on French training for a century (12 months), I have been away from the Rideau Centre (which was/is located 10 steps from my office), so I practically never go shopping.

The last time I bought anything for myself, was back in September when PC and I went to Montreal for our anniversary - that makes 3 months of no purchasing for me... which is definitely a record. So... today when I set out to hit a few stores, I naturally found some good gifts items, but since I hadn't been near a mall in FOREVER, I also found some things I needed wanted.

3 stores & $75 later I had myself some new accessories!

Why do I do this?

I think with every purchase I made for ME, I rationalized the fact that NO ONE would buy me these items for Christmas... and all the items that I purchased were on SALE, so that's a good thing! I mean seriously... let's be realistic, I am the wife of Peter Coleman.... he would not want me to pass up a SALE all because of some measley holiday we call Christmas... (lord knows he would never show that kind of restraint)!

So... the purchases in my head were justified, but now that items are at home starring me in the face, I must admit I do feel a little guilty!

Does anyone else have this problem... ?

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