Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I really don't know what it is lately, but I can not seem to get enough sleep. I try every night to go to bed early, but I am always hoovering around midnight before I actually get there.

The last couple of mornings (who am I kidding... the last 2 weeks) I have literally had to be dragged out of bed in order to make a half decent appearance in French class. Since curling has slowed down, I thought I would have much more free time to do my Christmas things, but apparently that is not the case.

I don't seem to be stressed out about the holidays. I have the majority of my gifts bought and wrapped. I didn't have a hard time buying for anyone this year... and I mostly feel that I deserve a pat on the back for being AHEAD of schedule this year.

However... somewhere along the way I have exhausted myself. Every morning the coffee doesn't seem strong enough... my body is tired... my eyes want to shut (even during the most interesting conversation in French!), and I am a total drag when it comes to good conversation lately (hence the crappy posts the last few days).

I am not sure how to get myself out of this funk... as it stands now the holiday schedule is shaping up to be a busy one... and I don't anticipate any extra time for sleeping in.

It seems its going to be an exhausting road until the end of the year... so I will apologize in advance for lack of coherent posts over the next week and half!

Hang in there folks... the New Year is just around the corner and I vow to be more interesting in January (after all it will be my Birthday month)!