Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hold The Phone

That's right... hold the phone as in: DON'T TRY TO CONTACT ME TONIGHT.


Two words: Grey's Anatomy.

I have been preparing for this season premiere for 3 loooooooooooooong months, and I am not about to let anything get in my way - especially not a phone call. There is no getting around this one... I will definitely be screening calls all night long. Don't try to call before the show, don't try to call after (as Six Degrees & ER are both on after), and don't try to call between commerical breaks - I will be UN. A. VAIL. A. BLE!

Great... now that we've got that cleared up... I don't really have any news to report. PC & I went to the Sens games last night (thanks to Sparty Cat's main squeeze). Leafs were in town and beat the Sens 3-1 ... Boooooooooooo! But it was only pre-season, so nothing to get too excited or upset about.

Other then that... I am still miserable in French. I have never felt more disconnected from my life then I do when I am in French. I sit in class all day long and think to myself: what is my purpose in life? If I didn't know better I would be shoe-in for a suicide commercial (and sometimes I think suicide would be consider a vacation these days - I know NOT funny!) but seriously... French is depressing. I think they've sent me there to see just how much I can take before I got skit-zoe! And trust me... I am damn close these days! Thank god for Grey's Anatomy... and a team retreat with my peeps from the office tomorrow, or else I might not make it to my first anniversary!

Enough about that b.s ... I am going into hibernation to take in Grey's... and for those of you who enjoy Grey's... she is so picking McDreamy (in the long run).

I. Can't. Wait.