Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Aren't the trees LOVELY?

Since I am in a bit of bitter mood these past few days, I thought it would be appropriate to go off on the trees today.

Why you ask?

Because... the morning while buying the newspaper... the lady at the check out said to me 'What a beautiful fall morning, aren't the trees lovely?

Lovely... ya... sure... whatever!

A year ago I was praying for beautiful colourful fall trees this time of year, and I couldn't so much as pay the weather man to predict warm days and cool nights in early September to cook up some lovely fall foliage for my wedding day.

However, a year later, late September is full of fall colours... and not one person I know is walking down the aisle to enjoy it! This would have to be the way --- not my way.... because of course this is how my week is going... someone else's way.

Now, it may sound like my wedding day was a bit of disappointment, but to the contrary, it was the best day of my life, and I thought things went perfectly... just perfectly. But this week, since I have the 'I want to kill the world' attitude going for me, I thought I may as well speak my mind as I have had this 'damn you fall foliage' thought everyday this week.

There... it's out... and if I hear one person say 'aren't the trees LOVELY?' this week -- I will comtemplate assualt with a weapon causing bodily harm on that person.

So... let the record show... you've been warned!!