Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If license plates were radio stations...

I have had this thought before, but this morning after sitting in 45 minutes of stop n' go traffic, I really wish that license plates were radio stations, and that while in your car, you could tune into the car in front of you just by dialing into the person's plate number on your radio.

I know... you are probably thinking, I have gone crazy, but in all seriousness, I would like to know what people are doing in their car, and if I could hear inside their car, then it would probably make more sense to me, and in fact I would go as far as to say that this notion would probably reduce road rage
(and make the morning commute a whole lot more interesting for me)!

On the way into work, I would say that, on average, I am behind 30-40 different cars every morning. Some cars have young families in them, other have business men picking their nose's, single woman putting on make-up, or a couple hand talkers discussing the topic of the day. Whatever their story is, I believe it could be interesting to many.

Every time I pull up behind a new car, I often wonder to myself, what in the world people are doing.... some people are belting out the words to a good song on the radio, some couples are having a minor disagreement, and other people just look so nervous to be in city traffic that they want to drive off the road. If I could just tune into their thoughts and hear what is going on, I might be a little more curious as a driver, or at the very least, be in better humor when I arrive at school/work.

Think of the movie
What Women Want with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.... do you remember how Mel could hear the thoughts of women, and how he used it to his advantage.... well I don't exactly want to use anyone's thoughts to my advantage, but with some driver's I would really like to know what the hell they are thinking when they are on the road!

With technology like satellite radio I am sure this idea has big potential. If you didn't want your license plate to be accessed by others you could pay an extra fee to have a restricted plate number --- just like restricted phone numbers.

This could be a whole new era of reality radio... and who thought of it first, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I know... its just a theory, but in my opinion, its a damn good one. What do you think... are you with me on this one???