Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rossi Possi

Well... it has come to a close... Rockstar Supernova crowned Lukas Rossi from Canada the new lead singer of Supernova (read story here)!!!

Rockstar has been my favourite show all summer... the music was great, far better than any Canadian or American Idol could ever be (in my opinion). Lukas impressed everyone all summer long... and although I liked Toby and Dilana too, Lukas is a good ol' Canadian boy... so it was nice to see him get a great opportunity like this!

He has many fans out there who are part of his Rossi Possi... so hopefully his eye shadow and crazy hair hold up for the Supernova World Tour that is coming to Montreal in January. Who knows, since this has been a concert going year for me, I may just have to go see them!!!

In other news... although I am happy to report that my curling team was rather impressive in our first game of the season last night, my quads are currently cursing (ear-muff style) the game of curling.

It was a pretty successful game on our part... we excuted, we stuck to a simple game plan, and when we had to... we made some keys shots. Our skip didn't mind working the front end either... she would drive out of the hack like a turtle, releasing the stone with barely enough weight to make the rings, and Trish & I (being the little work horses we are) would rip every muscle in our upper body to get the damn rock in the top of the house and force the other team to take a single point. This happened not once people, but twice in last night's game - so much for taking it easy during the first game!!!

The good news is once your rip open your muscles for the first game, they are rarin' to go for the next 198 games of the season!!!

Our next game action is Friday night at 5pm, followed by an encore presentation at 9pm. Complete standings of the event can be found here. But don't worry... I will keep you posted on our progress!