Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tonight my curling team takes to the ice for the first time this season, and all I can think is ... OUCH! We have entered into a little pre-season cash spiel... which months ago, seemed like a great idea, but as start time draws near, my muscles are already complaining.

Why is it that muscles go into hibernation over the summer? I mean I play baseball, the odd game of tennis, a bit of swimming, etc. ... to say the least I am active, but yet every year at the start of curling, I wake up two days after my first game practically in tears.

I am really excited to start the season up, because I love my teammates, we work well together, and we get along on & off the ice, but as I sit quitely thinking about this spiel, my shoulders and thighs are screaming: DON'T DO IT.

Awwww... the joys of a new season!

For the hard core curling keeners out there who are just dying follow this weekend's cash spiel, results can be accessed here or here. We are Team Cafferty.

God & his holy peeps will now be accepting prayers on behalf of SC for 'glorious curling wins resulting in minor pain'.

Hands together people ... now get down on your knees!