Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Winds of change

What a difference 365 days can make. When I think back, and compare this Tuesday to the same Tuesday a year ago... the winds of change have definitely set in.

365 days ago my parents and sister were in town. Erin and I had the kitchen table utilized folding, hold punching, and tieing sage green ribbon to 200 wedding programs. My Mom had 60 some gift bags lined up on the living floor inserting little treats and wedding information for all of our hotel guests, and my Dad & PC were assembling the personalized lables onto the 300 wedding water bottles.

Thinking back to that night it was complete and utter organized disorganization. We were up well past my mother's bedtime (usually she's down for the count at 8:30 pm) and although it seemed like a lot to do in one night, we accomplished everything. After finishing all the tasks, I remember lying in bed that night and letting out a big ***Ahhhhhhhh *** and thinking to myself.... the big day is almost here!

Tonight, I let out a big sigh because I realized that today I practically did nothing worth while - and everytime I have a french thought I want to cry.

I didn't go to school today because of the sheer fact that I am completely frustrated and upset at my French school. I learned late yesterday that I was only 3 right answers away from acheiving my C level in my comprehension test - 3 FREAKIN ANSWERS... so naturally when I found this out, I wanted to scream. The head cheese director at the school hasn't so much as said BOO to me over my results, and the teachers keep plugging on through the schedule as if I'm already a fluent frenchie! Yesterday, I had enough, and I decided right then and there that I would be far more productive from the comfort of my own home studying French from my own living room - and I was (if you call productive watching the movies Zoolander & I Am Sam in French).

A year ago today, I was feeling confident, accomplished, and somewhat of an important person on this planet. However, 365 days later... I literally think driving the garbage truck would be far more rewarding than learning french.

I know its just a phase, and my nasty little attitude will pass.... but why can't I be as blissfully happy as I was just a short year ago.

Excuse me for the rest of the evening, while I go back to the couch to feel completely sorry for myself. I can only hope that one of those World Vision commericals comes on to bring me out of this funk!