Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pocket change!

Well... we had a good start to the season, making a little pocket change for the year... $500 cash!

After qualifying first in our pool yesterday, we lost this afternoon in the semi-finals... which was a bit disappointing because we didn't really bring much of our game, or any game today, but nonetheless our team was pretty happy with the start to the season!

Now we have a week and a half off before we take to the ice again for our regular leagues. Just enough time to let the muscles tighten back up before I need to rip them out place again!!


A little tired today... PC ended up being the kitchen bitch tonight because I was to lazy to do anything with myself, but he made a mean steak dinner - which was a lot better than the bowl of cereal I was dreaming of!

Amazing Race 10 starts tonight.... so I will hopefully get to watch that before I crash!