Sunday, September 17, 2006


In the thick of all of this curling, I almost forgot to post some important news.

I received the results to my writing and comprehension exams late Friday night (1:00 am when I got home from curling).

I passed!

For you peeps out there that know the system.... I got BB in both writing and comprehension. I need to get a C in comprehesion before the end of my training, but according to my learning plan right now, I am to be at the B level, and that is what I acheived, so I am pretty excited!

Obviously I would have liked to get a C right off the bat, but I am really satisfied that I atleast acheived the B's!

My writing levels are finito.... so that is one chapter closed.

I will revisit the comprehension exam at a later date, but right now my focus is on my oral interview that is scheduled for October 16th.

Let the stress continue!