Friday, September 15, 2006

Seasonal Marriage Now In Effect

This week has marked the first week of the seasonal marriage arrangement that PC and I opted for when we exchanged vows almost a year ago (yikes... time flies).

PC dusted off the reffing gear and I the curling gear, and we parted ways ever so lovingly Tuesday morning!

Our last conversation went like this:

PC: See you tonight?
Me: No.

PC: Why, what do you have to do?
Me: I have a curling meeting, but I will be home around 9.

PC: I have hockey at 9.
Me: I see... soooooooooo...

PC: See you tomorrow then?
Me: Ya... actually no... I have curling at 6:30.

PC: And I am reffing at 8.
Me: Okay... see you Thursday then....?

PC: I have to meet a client at 3, so I will working late.
Me: I have to...... ahhh... alright then, see you in the spring?

PC: Yes... that works, love you, bye.
Me: Love you too... bye.

And just like that we went our seperate ways.

This pretty much how our schedules will go for the next 8 months. When we exchanged vows almost a year ago, we agreed that seasonal marriage was for best... and well, neither of us is complaining yet... so I guess it was the right decision (aside from the fact that this is only the first week of the seasonal contract)!

We didn't exactly discuss the fine details of the seasonal marriage, perhaps I am not responsible for his laundry anymore... and maybe he's not responsible for the garage anymore.... I am sure PC is loving life right now, wondering just how far he can take our little seasonal arrangment.
So PC... if you are reading this right now... YES... YOU STILL HAVE TO CLEAN THE BATHROOMS!