Tuesday, September 05, 2006


So much on my mind this week, so little time to report!

Thursday (this Thursday, 2 days away, not that I am counting) is the date of my french exams (writing and comprehension), so this will be the main reason for sparatic rants and incoherent ramblings this week.

Although there is NO reprecussions for failing these exams (at least none that I have been told of.... YET) its my first crack at them and so naturally I would like to pass and spare myself the disappointment of hearing that I'm a FAILURE.

However... what will be will be... and I know I can only do my best and yida yida yada, but GOD DAMN IT, I want to pass and move on with my life. Moving on would entail moving from french training in writing and comprehension, to french training solely in oral interaction - still french training but its BABY STEPS PEOPLE.... BABY STEPS!

In other words, this week, french is my business.... H to Izzo.... shizzle my nizzle!

The other thing that I wanted to mention was the death of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin (who, by the way, shares the same birthday as my Dad - freaky). Honestly... what a fitting way for a man like this to go... and I mean that in a serious way. With a name like 'the crocodile hunter', you wouldn't want this guy to die in a car accident or from some form of cancer, but rather by having his lung punchured by a stingray while doing what he loved most, being dangerous for the sake of entertainment. I bet the man is smiling from above as I type this!

Anywho... I just got in the door from baseball, I should be doing a french practice exam, but Rockstar Supernova is on, and like hell I am going to miss that show for French (please feel free to copy and paste this phrase in an email and send it to me when I report that I have failed!).

2 more sleeps until doom day... I apologize in advance if posts are irregular this week.