Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I thong I knew my mother

Just when I thought I wasn't reaching my target audience with the majority of my posts, my words come back to haunt me.

While vacationing in the sunny north (and..yes Double D... the Soo is NORTHERN Ontario), it happened to be National Underwear Day according to the Bob & Tom Radio Show. I didn't think too much of this, but being in the company of my parents and their close friends, there was some chatter about the national event.

Now... you may recall my post When Bad Underwear Happen to Good People. In this post I did happen to go off on rant about the appropriate way to wear underwear when wearing tight slacks. I mentioned that full back bulky underwear don't belong under a tight pair of slacks and I even went as far to say that the woman who wear these tight slacks with bulky underwear should invest a few thongs if they insist on wearing finely contoured pants.

Well... during my vaction... on National Underwear Day, I got the shock of my life when MY MOTHER (yes MY MOTHER) and her very good friend Debbie decided to show me that they were reading and listening to every word I post on this blog... and in order to prove this to me they made a small (very small) purchase that they thought would please me.

The following photo has been Rated R, and is not for general vieiwing audiences...

That would me my mother on the left, and Debbie (does Dallas perhaps?) on the right sporting their newly purchased THONGS.

I threatened to sell this photo to a seniors porn site for a hefty price... but of out of general care and concern for their safety and the safety of their loved ones, I have refrained! Just when I thought I knew my mother (and her friends)... I come to find out I was totally wrong... WRONG WRONG WRONG!

I thought I enjoyed writing this blog, but apparently there are a few readers who take the word enjoyment to a whole new level!!

Thanks Debbie & Mom for a good laugh!