Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Freaky weather.... is it a sign?

Something freaky is happening these days. I cannot remember the last time that we have had so many storms in the same time period. This summer has literally been filled with crazy thunderstorms, damaging winds, hurricane rains -- so if I wasn't convinced about global warming before, I am surely conducting the green train today.

Last night at 2:41 am I woke up to a loud crack of thunder and then proceeded to stay awake for the next 2 hours while the ligthning and thunder continued. The power went on and off several times and I could only wonder what type of damange I would hear about this morning because of the storm.

Today it feels like record breaking heat... it is something like 45 degrees with humidity today... SHOOT ME NOW. Driving into Ottawa today, the smog that was hanging over the city was unbelievable... it looks dirty and while walking from my car to school, it even felt dirty. Pool the heat with the disgusting dust and debris from the construction on Bank & Slater street, and you basically have an advertisement for suicide.

I am not sure what the solution is to the environment we have created for ourselves, but today I am seriously alarmed about exactly how the environment is reacting to its civilians. The whole KYOTO Accord B.S... doesn't exactly seem like B.S anymore... the waste of money One Tonne Challenge Rick Mercer ad campaign may have actually knew what it was talking about... and perhaps the Ontario Engery ads asking us to keep our air conditionners at 25 degrees should be a home owner requirment and not just a suggestion.

Now... I am not exactly running home to turn off my AC, but all these signs have me thinking... and considering the fact that collectively, if we don't respond to the signs of the environment we could pay the price down the road.

I know... why do I need to post such a haunting rant on the hottest day of the year... but seriously, think about it... we are going to need to make some changes before its costs us more than just high fuel prices! We all need to wake up, me included.... we can't just stomp all over our planet and except it to keep providing us with a continuous supply of natural resources --- and if we do continue to do this... don't except your kids, or your kids kids, or your kids kids kids to enjoy the same lifestyles we are bathing in today ... the laws of physics say it is just not possible.