Thursday, July 27, 2006

Maxed out!

Yesterday was the fed's pay day.... and I am happy to report that my CPP deductions for the year are FINISHED! At the first glance to my bank account I thought there was definite error... but after viewing my lovely pay stub... I discovered that my CPP contributions were maxed out, and I am actually entitled to the amount showing in my bank account.


I know I shouldn't exactly be bragging about this, after all I claim a pay cheque from the very Agency that prides themselves in collecting these deductions from many harding working Canadians. It almost seems like a double standard to be celebrating the extra pocket-change, but I am not about to let a little detail like that bring me down.

I love to live in a 'wouldn't it be nice' world, and specifically today I am thinking:

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could take home their gross pay and never have to pay deductions?

Ahhhh... that would be the life. If we didn't pay deductions then I am certain that P and I would own an island on a fabulous lake, with a nice boat, maybe a plane... whatever the case, it would would have all the upscale amenities anyone could imagine... including a pool with a swim up bar (Dominican style) and our very own Dominician bar-tender (broken english and all)!!

But then of course common-sense kicks in and I realize (being the brainwashed civil servant that I am) that by paying deductions, we as Canadians are entitled to a better life because of it.

I think it is at this point that I will fail to mention the many incidents that the government has been caught misusing taxpayer's dollars, but aside from that, our government does offer us a few services that I would not like to be without... and I don't think I need to argue my point over health care, human resources, national defence, etc.

Yes of course, everyone knows a better way things could be handle, but these people aren't in power, and so we must live with the current system.

Now... since my deductions are paid in full... my rant will stop here and I shall close by sending out a little 'Booo-ya-kah' (Double D style) to our government... to say thank you for the fact that you have successfully taken away my chance at of having my dream island for yet another year!