Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend ramblings

While sitting at home today and reviewing my day planner... I can hardly believe that July has come and gone. This weekend is the first and only weekend in July that P and I have been around home.... and I had to force myself to stay home and do some work.

I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished but I don't really have a lot to show for my efforts. I spent the majority of Saturday in the basement organizing/tossing stuff out. I love to throw things out... as there is a sense of accomplishment that comes along with a good toss.

Yesterday I was going through old tubs of things that P and I had at our apartment... I had the rationale that if I haven't found a home in the house for these items by now, then they don't belong with us. I was firing things into the garbage can like someone was paying me to do the job. It was fun... and after the purging, I took another 2 hours to organize the remaining items that were saved from the trash, until the next round of purging!

The sad part was, all my organizing efforts were done in the basement... I practically had to point out all my hard to work to P when he came in, or else he would have thought I was laying around all day like a lazy bum (which trust me, I was tempted!).

There is nothing better than a good day of organizing stuff... once its organized I love to sit back and admire my work ... pathetic... I know, but hey... its what I do!!

Other than my organizing excursion through the basement, I don't have a whole lot of news to report. While I worked inside again today, P spent ALL DAY out in the yard... doing outside jobs. Since we are preparing to go on vacation for yet another week away from home... spending the weekend at home was time well spent as our house probably won't receive this much attention until the end of August now!

Oh well... I would rather be busy then be board! Its time to call it a night... tomorrow morning we have to rise and shine to give a nurse a urine sample at 7am - the things you do for life insurance.... again, my question is... is it really worth it???

NOTE: My good friend Jamie (King) Ozerkovich turns the BIG 2-6 today... so I want to send lots of birthday wishes her way today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. O!!!