Monday, August 14, 2006

Spandex is wrong.

While I would love to be posting about our vacation, I was too lazy to download the pics off the camera, so they will have to wait until I get over my 'I wish I was still on vacation' attitude.

This morning while walking to school from the car (with my miserable face in tow), I happen to notice two different men on bicycles. These men were all decked out in the tight spandex, running shoes, windbreakers, and helmets. This is not the first time I have seen this, but today it led me to wonder, who are the men (or women for that matter) in this world that enjoy wearing spandex (shorts, speedos, leggings, shirts... etc)?

Spandex is not flattering, no matter who you are... great body or excess flab, it doesn't matter... spandex is just wrong. However, many people could care less about what they are jamming into the spandex, as long as it is tight to the body and doesn't get in the way of whatever sport they are participating in.

Now I can't exactly go off on a ridiculous rant here with my anti-spandex attitude, as PC frequents the spandex in the winter months under his reffing attire... (and no doubt there is someone out there with a picture of him in spandex to put me to shame)... but atleast in his case, he is only wearing spandex under a uniform. What really gets me is the running, biking, power walking individuals who look like they are enjoying themselves in this spandex attire without some much as some thin shorts or a skimpy t-shirt to cover it up.

The problem that I see with spandex is that it leaves nothing to the imagination... everytime someone puts on some spandex they should ask themselves: is it approriate for me to be in my bathing suit and going out in public right now? If the answer is no... take off the spandex.

If you are wearing spandex anything for means of going to your office, or place of work... that to me is just wrong. I wouldn't exactly want to see my boss role into work in spandex jumpsuit just because he/she wants to ride his/her bike to work. I am all for the fitness aspect of life, but minus the spandex uniform. Sweaty shorts and a t-shirt is one thing, skin tight spandex with your package hanging out is another.

I dunno... perhaps those who love the spandex for sporting wear can enlighten me on why there is a necessity to wear and bare spandex? Comments please...!

NOTE: Mom and Debbie, do not go out and buy yourselves spandex jumpsuits... PLEASE!