Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doom day has a date

Just when I thought I was already miserable enough this week, (because summer vacation has basically come to end), I find out that my never ending French training is actually going to be put to the test on September 5th OF THIS YEAR.

So if I do the math correctly, that leaves me with 13 days of training left before the test, 3 of which I was planning on taking off, so now I am down to 10 days, and to add to the pain, the 5th of September just happens to be the Tuesday after the Labour Day long weekend.


I have been enjoying my training lately (did I say that out loud), perhaps I mean enjoying the fact that I am taking on a new challenge outside the office! Now that judgement day is near, I practically want to puke. This is by no means an end to my training, but if I pass these two tests (writing & comprehension), that will only leave me with one major hurdle left: SPEAKING THE DAMN LANGUAGE.

The tests of course are all multiple choice (when in doubt pick C), and if I recall correctly I absolutely suck at multiple choice. In University, I barely got through PSY 1101 because the final mark was based on the results of three multiple choice tests. The problem with mulitple choice is that you can't bullshit... and being a communication major, I am a good b.s'er when I need to be... my arguments may not always be correct, but I can throw in right transition markers to make you think my story is accurate: however, furthermore, nevertheless, moreover... you get the picture.

I honestly just want to die thinking about these tests, and I think I am most miserable because of the fact that I wanted to go to the cottage for labour day and relax, but instead the thought of doom day will completely ruin my last long weekend of summer.