Monday, August 21, 2006

Girls Weekend

Well... nothing is good therapy like a girls weekend away with your close friends. Friday night after work, Baby, Clapper, Boyder, and I headed out from Ottawa to Grimsby to KL's house to celebrate Clapper's birthday, and her unengagement party, 130-O style!

We drank some wine, whined, ate some food, played some hilarious games and generally just had a good all around weekend. We had many HAD TO BE THERE MOMENTS, and although, Bee was absent from the festivities (because she was leaving for the Bahamas -- BITCH), she did manage to make a phone call to participate in the birthday singing!!!

The best thing about these girls is that every time we get together there is no shortage of things to talk about or laugh at!! First you begin with everyone's late breaking news, and as the weekend rolls on you find out lots of tidbits of information that you missed, because of course, you don't live together anymore. Coming home from the weekend, after dropping everyone off yesterday, it had me reiminising about the good ol' days of university. The 6 of us managed to have a damn good run in the house on Osgoode street, and although our lives have moved us further away from each other, it is still easy to see why the 6 of us of chose to live together!

These girls are just all around great friends!

Clapper offically turns the big 2-6 today... so ... wishing her a very 'low key and drama free' (LKDF) day!!! As well, faithful reader Alexis Riordan celebrates her big birthday today... so a second happy birthday wish goes out to her!

Now that today's business is all cleared up, I shall post a few pictures from our LKDF weekend.