Thursday, August 17, 2006

Au revoir Mr. Abbot!

Usually I don't get to upset over soap operas... but since I was a small child, I have followed the Young & the Restless.... (because my Mother practically feed us in front of the television so she could watch it). So as you can imagine... 26 years later, I feel rather connected to the characters... the Newmans & the Abbots are practically family.

This week on the Y&R, John Abbot took a few strokes and yesterday he was on life support... declared brain dead. Now as I said I normally don't get too excited about these storylines, but yesterday's episode was gut wrenching. The tearful goodbyes that everyone gave Mr. Abbot had me sobbing on the couch as if it was my own father.

First there was just Jack & Ashley pouring their hearts out to their Dad, then Tracy arrives from New York (you know he's going to down if Tracy comes to town). And of course crazy old Gloria with the tears in eyes saying her last words. Brad & Colleen... Catherine Chancellor, Jill, Billy... the whole gang was just ripped to shreds over John's sudden turn for the worst.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... what an evening it was for me. After they pulled the plug on the old bugger, I thought to myself 'Poor Jackie boy... what will he do now without his Daddy.' It was almost too much to swallow in one episode. I hate that I get sucked into these fiction stories... but its just seems so real sometimes. Its like a car accident, you cannot not watch.

So while I am still grieving over the loss of John, I will try to convert my suffering to willpower to complete a few practice exams before I go to bed!

Soooooooooooo long Mr. Abbot, it was a good ride!