Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Driver or pedestrian?

This morning while driving to work I found traffic a bit heavier than usual. This meaning that my estimated arrival time (ETA) for school was way off. Being in a bit of a hurray as I entered the downtown sector, I was tending to be a pushy driver on the road and one lady gave me a nasty stare when the bumper of the Escape just about ran over the audit bag she was towing. I responded with the look: 'Relax... lady, it could have been you!'

Now, as a pedestrian I hate pushy drivers... drivers that force their way through an intersection when the walk signal is a flashing hand and 5,000 people are trying to get to work in the morning. To me, as a pedestrian, when the flashing hand is visible, its serves the same purpose as a caution light... telling drivers/pedestrians they have a small window of time to drive/walk through the intersection. When the flashing hand is blinking in downtown Ottawa, there are many pedestrians that continue to walk, and I am one of them! In this regard, I feel that pedestrians have the right way and drivers have to deal with that.

However, put me in the situation I was in the morning, (in a rush), and I have no tolerance for pedestrians... either your walking or your not. There is no need for slow stepping out on the street, and any sauntering along through intersection. Don't be spending 3 seconds on the curb with one foot on the street deciding whether or not you have time to cross the intersection. Shit or get off the pot (as PC says).

This morning, after Mrs. Audit Bag gave me the look, I practically felt like running her down on the sidewalk (but refrained as it would have made me even more late than I already was). As a driver, I felt that I had the right of way and she and other pedestrians were just going to have to deal with me!

So... this leads me with the question... who has the right of way on the roads: drivers or pedestrians?.

As a pedestrian, I have the right of way, and as a driver, I also have the right of way... the way I see it, whether I am driving or walking, I have the right of way. Sounds like a win-win situation all around... sucks to be a driver when I am a pedestrian, and sucks to be a pedestrian when I am a driver!

Which are you... a driver or a pedestrian?