Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First time for everything!

Today a very special man in my life celebrates his birthday! That's right... PC is prepping to blow out a small bonfire worth of candles this evening, and while that is a big deal, I think what is an even bigger deal is that for the first time in the ten years I have known him, he is working on his birthday.

Can you believe it?

Is the sky falling?

Hell has clearly frozen over.

PC prides himself in taking a day off on his birthday... and he usually golfs or does something that makes him happy, but this year, work has prevailed and he's up and at it with the rest of the working world today.  However, not to panic people... he's taken Friday off instead, not quite the same as his actually b-day, but a close second!

We are celebrating his big day with his family this evening at our house... and looking forward to Mom C's famous donairs - a birthday tradition in the Coleman household, and oh so yummy!

Happy birthday to my number one (and only) husband, lifelong friend, and rodeo partner! We have our ups and downs, as many couples do, but through thick and thin, I know I love you with all my heart... and you and our boys are truly the best part of life!

Have a great day birthday boy - you seem to enjoy life everyday, but I hope today is extra special!

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