Monday, May 14, 2012

Made with love!

The last two weeks our household has been controlled by the flu bug so I have spent many days at home either being sick myself, or tending to pukey-poopy boys. Needless to say, although we were sick, we were also bored of being sick, and we had a lot of time on our hands, so I decided to break out the paints one day so that E and H could create a couple of pieces for the Grandma's for Mother's Day.

The beauty of these projects is that they didn't break the pocket book, and the results came out pretty good considering the combined age of the to artists is only 4! I got all the canvas' and the wooden hanging plaques at the dollar store (although each piece was more than a dollar - but that's a whole other blog).  The paints we had on hand from some previous projects - put those together with an hour of free time and presto! we had some pretty fun Mother's Day gifts to give two special ladies!

Take a look at the results. They didn't rid us of the flu bug but they definitely put a smile on the faces of Grandma Coleman and Grandma Bellerose - and E and H were pretty pumped about their artistic masterpieces too!

Happy Mother's Day to two of the best Grandmothers in the business!

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