Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everything happens for a reason...

I am once again a believer that everything happens for a reason... and sometimes I question why things happen the way they do, but I am truly thankful to have a higher power watching out for me and my family.

Nine months ago, I was beside myself with our former daycare situation. It was going downhill fast, and I could see that it was not an ideal situation for my boys to be in going forward. It caused me to lose a lot of sleep over how to proceed ... and I was really hard on myself for making the initial decision to change daycare providers. But looking back... it was by far the best decision we've made for the boys and our family.

Fast forward to now, and our former daycare provider has moved out of town - which if we would have stuck it out, we would have found ourselves high and dry, and now frantically searching for a daycare provider in the middle of our summer holidays. Instead, we made the switch seven months ago, and discovered a very caring and nurturing individual who really is not in the daycare business for the money but truly enjoys looking after young children and only wants the help them learn life skills that will suit them well in the future. Its like night and day the difference. The flexibility with our current daycare provider makes our lives less stressful... and the sheer fact that we don't have to speed home from work to get the kids is probably the biggest blessing for us - it makes the end of the day that much more manageable and has really relived a lot of stress in our household. In addition, we pay a very reasonable price per day on the days the boys go and our daycare provider's contract does not ask for anything out of the ordinary.

Overall the kids are doing really well at daycare, E is preparing to start kindergarten in the fall, and H is learning how to have fun with the big kids! I am actually upset that I wasted so much time and energy agonizing over my decision, when I should have trusted my gut from the get go to know that making a change was going to be for the best, and it really has been.

Hooray for one of the good things in life!

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