Sunday, June 10, 2012

CHEO: worth every penny you can spare.

I find myself on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, cleaning up from lunch and watching the CHEO telethon on CTV Ottawa.

Usually when you see a telethon broadcast on tv you flip the channel, but for many reasons, I am so taken by the CHEO broadcast.  The stories they tell every year really tug on my heart strings and make me hug my boys just a little tighter.

Mainly, since having children, PC and I have come to realize just how important the children's hospital is to us, and to so many families in Eastern Ontario.

Since E was born, we've relied on CHEO to get us through his kidney diagnosis, and every year we are so thankful to receive good news from the ultrasound techs and neuphrology that everything is going according to plan. He's a happy, healthly, three year-old boy, and despite only having one kidney, he's going to be A okay.

Just this past week, I ended up in emergency at CHEO with H, who had an extremely high fever and was having trouble breathing on his own. It was quite the scare, but the nurses and doctors at CHEO acted immediately, and got him the medical attention he needed.  We were admitted and within hours, his respiratory system responded well to the treatment they gave him. I know that any emergency room would act quickly, however, its the added touch and approach to children that I don't believe any other hospital does as well as CHEO. They truly go out of their way to make these unsettling experiences as non-traumatic as possible for the children and the parents too. I have yet to leave CHEO without a high sense of appreciation for the work that is done there.

Today, CHEO is broadcasting their annual telethon and asking for donations. If you have children, grandchildren, or friends and family with children, your donation will go along way to helping save lives and improving the lives of sick children in eastern ontario.

Please take a few seconds to call 1-888-738-1450 or 613-738-1450 and make a donation.  The telethon wraps up this evening, lets make every dollar count.

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