Monday, June 18, 2012

130-O Reunion Weekend

This past weekend, I reunited with 5 of my besties for a long overdue 130-O Reunion weekend. I am still grinning ear to ear thinking about this weekend. We had such a great time, and while I could detail every moment, you might not find it as amusing as we did - there were a lot of 'had to be there' moments for us, and while you really did have to be there, you can still appreciate the fun we had sharing old memories and making some new ones too!

Needless to say, we laughed a lot this weekend (howled at times)... and renewed our faith in the fact that living at 130-O and experiencing University was indeed some of the best times in our lives! We obviously thought this because we headed back to scene of the crime for a reminiscent tour of the hot spots!

Its hard to put into words what these ladies mean to me, its like being sisters - only a glorified sisterhood - we love each other, we rely on each other, we share the same opinions on some things, and oppose each other on others, but all around, we stick together, we support each other, we embrace each other - no matter how long its been, no matter what the distance between us... we are there for each other, and truly soak up the laughs and time we have together, because we all lead busy lives, and we know that the next time we get to do this, might not be for a while.

I really do love these ladies... and this weekend only reminded me how important these girls are to me! I can't wait for our next 130-O Reunion... it may be hard to top this one, but I look forward to trying!

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