Thursday, May 24, 2012

We have a SOCCER player!

Last night was the first night of soccer for our little Tim Horton's soccer star (#8)!  We registered E for the soccer program a few months ago, and it has been a long wait for him to actually get on the soccer field.

I waited to tell him until Monday on the way home from the cottage that soccer was starting this week because I knew his excitement level would be through the roof. And it was! When Wednesday rolled around he groaned at the thought of having to go to daycare before he could go to soccer - he thought for that day we should just skip daycare and go right to the field! What a boy!

I have to say, I thought the program was well organized considering you're taking 60 some 3 to 4 year olds and putting them on a field with their own soccer ball. The organizers had it very well layed out for the first night to get all the kids in their uniforms, on the field, doing drills, and having fun within the allotted hour.

This was the first group type activity that I have seen E jump right into without hesitation. He was gung-hoe before we went (which is common) but to my surprise his enthusiasm continued for the duration of the activity.  He had a good sweat on and was pretty pumped about the whole experience - even wanted to wear his soccer shoes to bed last night! E had a blast to say the least - and the fact that they gave out popsicles as a post game snack scored mega points with him!

Overall a great night of fun for everyone... when I asked E if he wanted to go back next week, his response was 'totally'! So we are 'totally' looking forward to it!

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