Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.

Everyone always jokes that Friday the 13th is destined to be a weird day and before I wasn't really believer, but after today, I totally am.

This Friday was to be a fairly typical, routine day in our household, and it started out just that way... the kids were up as per their regular waking hour and PC and I got them shuttled out the door as per usual. Normally I would drop the kiddies off on my to the office, but today PC took them as we both had dentist appointments in Ottawa and his was first.  I stayed behind, logged into work briefly and then cleaned up the house a bit with the extra 45 mins I had before I had to leave.  I left in decent time and was putting on a car concert to some Maroon 5 when I saw the dashboard light up with the  'low tire pressure' message. I really didn't read to much into it because that light has come on in the past in extremely cold temperatures and I wondered if it was just another false alarm with the extreme heat we've been experiencing this week.

I cleared the dashboard warning light, and continue my concert, but as I am literally one exit away from the dentist, I hear a loud 'wop wop wop wop wop', and another exclamation light appears on the dash. Immediately, I knew it was trouble and pulled over the shoulder of the road to find out that my back rear tire was completely flat.

Just as I get back in the car to make my emergency call to roadside assistance, the guy on the radio says 'anybody having bad karma today? Remember, its Friday the 13th, so be careful out there'!


It was not a good morning... needless to say I missed my dentist appointment and a good portion of the day. Since PC was at the dentist and just leaving when he got my call, he was able to come to the scene and assess the situation.  I was pretty lucky that A. traffic was light on the 417 this AM, and B. that PC was close by to rescue me (and C. that the kids were not with me). Roadside assistance took for.ever. but PC, my hero, managed to get my spare on so I could atleast get myself back home (doing 80km on the 417 with my four ways on all the way home).

I actually spent a good chunk of the day shopping ... FOR A TIRE! My flat tire was no where near patchable... so I had to shop around for a replacement tire. Not my idea of a great time... and trust me I would have rather spent the $250 on something like a new purse and coordinating shoes, but Friday the 13th would not allow it.

The next Friday the 13th that roles around, I think I'll stay in bed.
It will definitely be cheaper!

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