Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking back, looking forward!

This is a little bloggy meme that I did a few years back, but of course, a few years later the answers are much different, so I thought I would do it again! I find that time passes so quickly... and I like to have these little tidbits on record for when I'm older and the memories of days gone by don't come as easily. 

15 years ago I would have been... convincing my Dad that instead of getting the new car he wanted (a Grandpa driving Buick Century), we needed to get a cooler ride, a teal Pontiac Grand AM, that he would have to squeeze in and out of for 5 years, but that a decision like this would really go a long way in cementing his 'coolest dad ever' title. I still can't believe he did it, but man did I love that car... as in LOVE cruising back and forth the high school with my friends, pumping Backstreet Boys to the MAX! Thanks Dad - you're still one cool dude to me!

10 years ago I would have been... waiting on call back for a student job at HRSDC, but not realizing that not getting the job would be a life changing moment. I instead asked my employer from the previous summer if they would take me back and when they did so without hesitation, it led me to lay eyes on my 'work hottie' - or as I now refer to him as PC!  I spent that summer emailing my bestie (who was in France at the time) about all of the interesting conversations my 'work hottie' and I were having over lunches and coffee breaks. Taking that old job back was the start of a very beautiful thing!

5 years ago I would have been... finished my french language training and returned to my work place after a year of hell. I was mustering up the nerve to leave my 'home' department, and move onto the next step in my career. It was such a hard decision, and I still miss many of the people there, but I have discovered a whole other side of government in public health, and because of that decision I can say that I truly enjoy (most parts of) my job, and have made many wonderful friends because of that decision.

1 year ago I would have been... on maternity leave with my second sweet boy and adjusting my lifestyle to coming and going with two boys in tow. I remember wishing I had enjoyed my first maternity leave as much as I was enjoying it the second time around. All Moms would probably agree, the one-on-one time you have with your children when they are young is so precious, and something that once it passes, you never get it back. I was happy to have a year off with both my boys to focus on them... and to just be responsible for being a Mom.

This year I am... back to work, back to reality, back to figuring out how to balance work responsibilities with family responsibilities. The office has been a stressful place over the last few months, but seeing those smiling happy faces at the end of the day makes it all bearable (when they are not sick and puking with explosive diarrhea - sorry TMI)!

Today I am... I am sick, but mustering up enough energy to register my first born, for kindergarten. I think all parents say it, but it really is true 'I can't believe he's going school - already'.  He is such a big boy in so many respects, but he is still my first baby, my sweet little boy, and there is so much innocence that I want to protect for him for just a little longer.  

Next year I want... to take a hot vacation ... at an all-inclusive resort and just the enjoy the beach for a week, sans kids. Its been over 4 years since PC and I have done that, and I really REALLY miss it!

In 5 years I hope... to have two happy health boys in school, that are thriving in all aspects of life. I hope that with the money we aren't spending on full-time daycare for two, we are planning to do something really really AWESOME! 

In 10 years I hope... that the beginning of having teen boys in the house doesn't cause me take up alcohol full-time! I hope that PC and I have survived the hurdle of parenthood, marriage, and all of the little hurdles that life throws at us this far... and that we can still lean on each other for the challenges life will present us in our (gasp!) 40s!

Days pass so quickly, but memories last forever! If you want do some reflecting on your own, feel free to take this meme and post it on your own blog or FB wall with your own answers.

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